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Poway, California, April 20, 2018 –
Ryan Beat wins round one of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ. Showing the results of all the hard work he and BILSTEIN have been doing off the track in preparation for the 2018 season, his BILSTEIN Pro Lite truck was in the top 3 every time he hit the track. BILSTEIN’s proven damping technology and precise adjustability allowed Ryan to adapt to changing conditions on the track.
“We made some minor adjustments after practice and qualifying to make us faster every time,” said Beat, “We made major changes to our Pro Lite truck in the off season and BILSTEIN worked with us the entire way to get our program dialed in. We had a game plan, and it worked perfectly. We switched back to General Tire this season and went with the fuel injected engine package. The new motor required changes to our torque converter and gear ratios.”
“Our BILSTEIN shocks completed the package and they helped us to get the power to the ground. It was really cool to be able to work with them to get the most out of our Pro Lite truck; it feels really good to win. It is a huge victory for us, and BILSTEIN, and we are looking forward to the rest of the season. BILSTEIN has given us everything we need to win.”

BILSTEIN’s 50 years of shock development in racing has helped Ryan Beat to come out on top in round one as it has for Darren Hardesty, and Jerett Brooks, who have both won back to back championships in the Lucas Oil series. Recognized for his hard work and determination, Ryan Beat will also be racing under the BILSTEIN banner in 2018.  



TECUMSEH, MICHIGAN: Classic ignition cable company Vintage Wires (an ididit brand) is proud to annou

nce a new wire set specifically for 426 Hemi applications.

The 7.8mm braided spark plug wires feature a lacquer-covered cotton braid outer casing wrapping a spiral-wound suppression core for high-tech performance and old-school style. Distributor cap ends are not finished so that they can be custom-tailored to length—whether run through a loom or simply over the valve covers.

The cable sets for 426 Hemis are available in six color options: Black with two Orange tracers (PN 4002200100), Red with Black tracers (4002200200), Red with Black and Yellow Tracers (4002200300), Black with Red Tracers (4002200400), Satin Black (4002200500), and Yellow with Red and Black tracers (4002200600).

Retail price is $260, with custom sets available for updated ignition systems.

Vintage Wires are the popular choice for vintage racers and other classic projects, as they mimic the original look of classic fabric wires but use proven spark-carrying technology. Universal Ignition Cable Kits are available for 6- and 8-cylinder engines.

Vintage Wires was acquired in 2017 by custom steering column maker ididit, blending the two companies’ missions to bring modern technology and convenience to classic vehicles while maintaining the original aesthetics.

More information can be found at For model applications and ordering information, contact ididit at (517) 424-0577 or email


BILSTEIN Shock Absorbers continue to affirm the brands expertise across the world of motorsports – showcasing new talent and technology for 2018 with Dodge Hellcat Campaigned by Wesley Motorsports. 

Poway, California, April 12, 2018 
– After forging long-standing partnerships across the European performance and premium automotive market, BILSTEINcontinues to expand its sphere of influence to the domestic market, partnering with Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and SRT as an OEM supplier of suspension components.

Motorsports and racing provide the proving grounds for technology that ultimately trickle down into shocks that provide performance, safety and comfort to your daily driver. Because BILSTEIN recognizes the importance of this exchange of knowledge, the industry leader has partnered with the innovative and exciting talent at Wesley Motorsports and their aggressive 2018 race calendar.

Competing in illustrious events such as the historic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), Global Time Attack, and #GRIDLIFE, Kevin Wesley is expected to drive the Hellcat to victory in multiple arenas of competition.

“The Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody is an amazing platform that handles unbelievably well,” foreshadows Wesley.

The preparations and modifications that go into transforming this already over-the-top muscle machine into a thoroughbred road racer are extensive. Paramount to the transformation were the BILSTEIN MDS double-adjustable dampers, a hardcore motorsports suspension engineered to provide the utmost in tuneability and dynamic chassis control over the demanding hill climbs and circuits on which the Hellcat will be campaigned.

As an OEM supplier of suspension systems to such premium brands, BILSTEIN has access to an un-paralleled exchange of technology and resources when it comes to development and innovation for the consumer aftermarket. As the proven expert in all shock absorbers, offering applications that span the gamut of marques and demands, BILSTEIN is the one-stop-shop for suspension.

When it comes to providing the best suspension for the racetrack, luxury road-car or daily driver, BILSTEIN is a passionate group of enthusiasts who understand the demands of the market and strive to provide cutting-edge solutions.

To explore BILSTEIN offerings for your application visit

For a complete list of modifications, specs and sponsors on the Wesley Motorsports, BILSTEIN-liveried Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody, visit:


The team behind the show-stealing C30 Camper is going even bigger and bolder – but where will it land at SEMA this year?

The next project for Piggott and the River City Rods team is a completely rebuilt 1976 Ford GTB100.

DAVENPORT, IOWA: All eyes are on builder Craig Piggott and River City Rods and Fabrication.

The custom rod shop based in Davenport, Iowa was behind one of the most popular project builds at SEMA this year, a converted 1968 C30 camper that quickly captured the attention enthusiasts and media alike. With prime placement in the AccuAir project vehicle corral, the C30 camper stole the show and soon went viral after photos and videos showcasing the incredible detailsof the build circulated online.

The River City Rods converted 1968 C30 camper.
The River City Rod team at the Lone Star Throw Down 2018 in Conroe, Texas.


But the past is only prologue for Piggott and the River City Rods team, and the next project is proving to be the most daring: A completely rebuilt 1976 Ford GTB100 designed to defy expectations.

Plans for the GTB100 include a complete Roadster Shop chassis with a retro-influenced Coyote engine many old-school aesthetics.

The clean, rich-looking custom red interior will be designed by Auto Kraft Upholstery, with a touch of modern thanks to the expertise of Dakota Digital.


The exterior of this Ford “unicorn” is planned to have the modern look of flush-mounted glass and Mustang mirrors and a complete facelift with a 2-inch chopped top and a laid back windshield.

Completing the package on any vehicle are the wheels and tires… and the GTB100 is no different. Teaming up with Delmo and Curtis Speed for the design work and machining, Falken Tires wraps it up for the perfect trio.

“We have a long way to go on the GTB100, but we are determined to make it our most impressive project yet,” Piggott said. “With support from partners like AccuAirididitDakota Digital and Currie, our vision for the build is coming together.”

The pressure is on to follow-up the C30 camper with an equally-impressive vehicle, and initial renderings of the GTB100 definitely indicate another show-stealing build. The team at River City Rods is currently sourcing products from aftermarket and performance manufacturers while finishing fabrication work on the body.

The scope of the GTB100 build is a big undertaking for any builder. Add running a busy construction company and fabrication business to the picture and a snapshot of Piggott’s dedication and determination becomes clear.

In fact, Piggott’s first SEMA vehicle was only the result of his tenacity to grind out the impossible. With just weeks until SEMA 2016, AccuAir had a prime spot open up unexpectedly in its corral right outside the Las Vegas Convention Center. After seeing River City Rods’ projects trending on social media, the company reached out to Piggott. Always up for a challenge, Piggott installed AccurAir suspension and got his flagship build, a 1968 Chevrolet C10 with a utility bed, SEMA show ready in just two weeks.

After the making quite the impression at SEMA 2016, Piggott further solidified his status as the builder to watch when the C30 Camper stole the show last year. Now, all eyes are on Piggott and River City Rods to create another unforgettable SEMA vehicle.

Manufacturers interested in participating in the GTB100 build are encouraged to contact Michael Murray at

EATON Detroit Spring can make these unavailable first-gen parts like new again.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN: If your first-generation Corvette rear springs are looking a little worn out, it might be time for some R&R, courtesy of EATON Detroit Spring.

Original C1 Corvette rear springs were made with spring steel that had a groove in the bottom side of each spring leaf. This grooved steel has not been produced since the mid-’60s, so the original-style springs with the groove can no longer be made.

This predicament could bring many restorations to a standstill. However, for springs that are not fatigued, EATON offers an R&R process that can make them as close to new as possible.

R&R stands for Re-temper & Re-arch:

  • The re-temper process removes the temper from each leaf, then puts it back in;

  • To re-arch, while red-hot and before they are re-tempered, each leaf is formed back to its original shape.

They then go into an oil bath after being annealed and reshaped. The next step is to go through the second heat-treat furnace that finalizes the re-tempering process. Once through the second heat-treat furnace, the leaves are shot peened to relieve the inherited stresses caused by the heat-treating process before being assembled.
Does it work? Mike Eaton points to a successful job for a prominent client.

“We had a customer in this morning who happens to be the designer of the original Corvette suspension who I have known for years,” he said. “He brought in a couple of sets of C1 rear springs to be reconditioned. Even though we do a lot of these, there are a lot of ’Vette owners who don’t know we offer it.”  

This is fatigued leaf.  If your springs look anything close to this, they are not candidates for reconditioning.

These are good leaves before re-tempering and shot peening.

Leaf coming out of the first heat-treat furnace.

Re-shaped leaf going into oil bath after being annealed and re-shaped. Next step is to go through the second heat-treat furnace that finalizes the re-tempering process.

Once through the second heat-treat furnace the leaves are shot peened before being assembled.

Before and after.

New isolators added to leaf & coil spring offerings from EATON Detroit Spring.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN: Ford Fairlane owners can recapture their vehicles’ factory stance and ride with new suspension components from EATON Detroit Spring. The company provides leaf and coil springs manufactured according to the original factory blueprint using North American made SAE5160 spring steel.

New to the line are front coil spring isolators (FRI300) and rear spring top and bottom isolators (FRI26) for 1962-’65 Ford Fairlane models. Both are now available for shipment.
1962 – ’65 Ford Fairlane front coil spring isolators. (FRI300)
1962 – ’65 Ford Fairlane rear spring isolators. (FRI26)

“Our leaf and coil springs are trusted by professional restoration artists and hot rod builders the world over,” said Mike Eaton of EATON Detroit Spring. “Why? Because we manufacture our leaf springs true to the original blueprint right here in Detroit.”

EATON Detroit Spring offers Fairlane suspension parts for 157 year, body style and engine size combinations, available for online ordering. Stock, raised and lowered ride heights can be selected for most applications, and the pros at EATON will also help choose the proper shocks for every setup, ensuring a smooth ride with the proper stance.

Every spring install also needs fresh attaching parts to finish the job right. EATON supplies bundled installation kits for models including the Ford Fairlane that feature the proper bushings, shackles, U-bolts and more.

The company’s complete line of replacement and custom leaf and coil springs are designed from the original factory blueprints, and customizable to meet special needs. They are made with SAE 5160 high-alloy spring steel and shot-peened for longer life.

EATON Detroit Spring has been manufacturing springs in Michigan since 1937, with a catalog of more than 150,000 stock applications plus a full custom design staff.


Sealed Spec Shock now mandated in three divisions after ‘BILSTEIN Bandits’ continue to top podiums
Poway, California, March 29, 2018 – BILSTEIN has announced a continued partnership with The Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC RUSH Racing Series  as the “official shock” of the series for the fifth straight year.

The “RUSH/BILSTEIN” shock package is now mandated on three divisions of the series: the RUSH Sportsman Modifieds, RUSH Pro Mods, and the new RUSH non-winged Sprint Cars.  In addition, the $135 package is a popular choice among RUSH Late Model, RUSH Pro Stock, and racers in the three asphalt RUSH classes at Jennerstown Speedway.

The BILSTEIN name began to grow throughout the RUSH Racing Series in 2014 when regional standout racer Alan Dellinger started having success on the affordable sealed spec shock, dubbed the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” shock package. Dellinger topped the podium the first night he raced on the shocks in RUSH Late Model competition. He found further success winning numerous feature events that season.  

The 2014 season was the same year the RUSH Sportsman Modifieds debuted, and while not mandated in Late Model competition, numerous racers have experienced great success running the new “RUSH/BILSTEIN” shock package.

Two years later, the second class evolved, mandating the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” package, and the RUSH Pro Mods quickly debuted as a weekly division at Stateline Speedway. This past season saw Old Bradford Speedway pick up the class weekly on Sunday nights, and McKean County Raceway added several special events.  The class doubled in car count from its inaugural season and is right on track for continued growth as several new drivers are set to join competition in 2018 for year three.

So when the non-wing Sprint Car division under RUSH was announced in 2017, it a was natural choice to require the drivers to also utilize the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” shock package. For the past three years, the growth of the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” shock package has been tremendous, with three divisions now mandating the shock package due to its performance and safety mechanics.

Even racers not mandated to use the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” package have picked up the moniker “BILSTEIN Bandits”  to describe the five-to-eight times price difference between the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” package and other high-dollar shock packages on the market. For example, Late Model drivers Sam Pennacchio and Chuck Medved ran the $135 “BILSTEIN Bandits” for the first time in 2017 and both had their career best seasons.

“The ‘RUSH/BILSTEIN’ sealed spec shocks are one of the things that I’m most proud of in conjunction with RUSH,” explained RUSH Racing Series Director Vicki Emig.  “The package has allowed our Sportsman Modified, Pro Mod, and Sprint Car divisions to be on the same, consistent, and affordable shock package, while allowing racers in the Late Model, Pro Stock, and asphalt division a winning option at a very affordable price. We cannot thank BILSTEIN’s Jim Hiland enough for the time and expertise he has dedicated to this program and his willingness to not only work with our Series, but the racers in a one-on-one basis as well.  We’ve never heard a negative word about shocks in our Sportsman Modified and Pro Mod divisions and haven’t had one Sprint Car driver question the implementation of the Shocks in our newest division. This all speaks volumes to the effectiveness of the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” sealed spec shock program they have developed.”

To learn more about the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” shock package, contact RUSH Racing at 724-964-9300 or email



After nearly two decades of service, Marty Waterstraut transitions to new opportunity

TECUMSEH, MICHIGAN: For 19 plus years, National Sales Manager Marty Waterstraut has been an integral part of ididit’s continued success. With immense gratitude for his two decades of service, the Michigan-based manufacturer announces Waterstraut will transition to a new opportunity outside of the company early next month.

“Marty’s expertise and experience have been key to ididit’s accomplishments over the past 19 years,” Ted Keating of ididit said. “We thank him for his dedication and leadership as he embarks on this next chapter of his career.”

Waterstraut has developed a sterling reputation with ididit customers. His knowledge and commitment to customer service resulted in measurable growth and fostered numerous positive developments for the steering column company.

“The decision to part ways with ididit was extremely challenging,” Waterstraut said. “For the last 19 years, I have been proud to work with the team at ididit. The innovation and quality behind ididit’s products has made my time here invaluable as I move on in my career.”

“Our customers truly value Marty and our sales team’s level of knowledge and service,” Keating said. “Thanks to Marty’s long-standing dedication and knowledge, we are confident customers will experience the same level of service and expertise they have come to expect after his departure.”

Operations Sales Manager Mark Kremski and the ididit sales team are available for further information or to answer questions. Mark can be reached at or 517-424-0577.