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4 Cylinder Protect-A-Boot & Wire Kits with Sleeving

AVON LAKE, OHIO - April 16, 2020 - When it’s time to put your four-cylinder engine to the test, combat the power-robbing effects of high under-hood temperatures with Design Engineering Inc.’s 4 Cylinder Protect-A-Boot & Wire Kits™.

The pre-packaged kits include everything needed to keep spark plug boots and wires performing their best during extreme-duty and competition use. Color matched Protect-A-Boots, Protect-A-Wire™ and Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes are included for complete heat protection and a professional finished look. 

“We all know of the amazing four-cylinder turbocharged engines found on the street and at the track these days,” says Mike Buca of DEI. “Our 4 Cylinder kits are designed to help these small-but-mighty power plants reach their potential by preventing high temperatures from affecting vital components, while looking great at the same time.” 

The products are made from a high-temperature, non-flammable glass fiber material that can withstand temperatures up to 1,000°F. And, for even greater protection, a Titanium version, made from lava rock, is capable of handling up to 1,800°F. All boots are of double-wall construction for long lasting durability. 

Protecting spark plug boots and wires helps prevent burn-through, hardening and cracking of the boots and offer a universal fit for most straight or angled spark plug boots for complete coverage, and the shrink tubes provide a water-tight seal.

4 Cylinder Kits are available in silver, black, red and blue, along with the Titanium version, and include 13 feet of line sleeving,12 Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes and four Protect-A-Boots™. 

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