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CORONA, CALIFORNIA— Accurate, timely information about changes in tire pressure and temperature can mean the difference between life and death for motorcycle riders. BLU Premium Technology Products‘ state-of-the-art BLU TPMS aftermarket tire pressure monitoring system provides riders with total peace of mind through the system’s innovative approach to providing vital tire information in near real-time.

The BLU TPMS monitors the pressure and temperature of tires using low-energy Bluetooth sensors, which transmit the information to the free iOS or Android app in virtually real-time. Users can elect to receive push notifications if tire pressure or temperature deviates from their custom user settings.

While the BLU TPMS isn’t the first motorcycle TPMS product on the market, the high quality and versatility of the BLU system sets it apart from similar products. Additional features of the BLU TPMS system change the landscape of safety and connectivity for rider.

The BLU TPMS is smaller and lighter than its counterparts, which translates to little or no effect on overall tire balance. Mos

t motorcycle TPMS products require a weight to be installed when the sensor is in, which can cause further tire balance inconsistencies for riders and result in unpredictable handling.

Some additional features unique to the BLU TPMS:

  • For more than just your motorcycle: BLU TPMS monitors allow for up to 99 sensors to be linked to a single device and information for up to 99 distinct vehicles can be stored in the app’s memory. Choose from two, four or six-piece kits to outfit any vehicle, trailer or RV with BLU TPMS and monitor them all with one, central dashboard from the app.
  • For more than just one rider: The presets from the BLU TPMS can be stored on cloud-based platforms, which allows multiple devices to display critical tire information via one login.
  • For more security: Riders who choose BLU TPMS also enjoy the peace of mind that added security brings — the sensors feature a locking mechanism that deters theft.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 733 fatalities in 2016 in which tire malfunction was a contributing factor. For motorcycle riders, the consequences of tire malfunction can be deadly. BLU TPMS arms users with valuable, near real-time information – and takes the guesswork out of tire safety.

“Nothing is more important than safety when you’re on the road. We’ve created a simple way for riders to have important tire information at their fingertips, information that can help keep them safe and worry-free on their ride,” said Rory Connell of BLU Premium Technology Products. “And since this is an app-based system, it leverages technology they already have in their pockets, so there’s no need for an additional external display.”

BLU TPMS installation is simple when using the external sensors, which easily attach to tire valves. Internal units, which require professional installation, are also available.

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GREENWICH, OHIO – Aug. 28, 2018:  The full Formula Drift truck featured in the Discovery series “Twin Turbos” will appear at Thermo-Tec’s 2018 SEMA Show booth (#23013). Attendees can see the truck, built by father-son duo, and stars of “Twin Turbos,” Doug and Brad DeBerti, up close and in person during the automotive aftermarket’s biggest show of the year.

“The DeBertis create some of the most innovative custom vehicles on the market and we’re thrilled to partner with them to showcase their creation on this massive stage,” said Nick Helms of Thermo-Tec.

To produce the truck, the DeBertis applied the geometry of drift cars to a Silverado single-cab, slashing it to a fraction of its original weight, increasing its turning radius and creating a first-of-its class vehicle.

“Not only does it look amazing, it has the ability to drift sideways at more than 100 miles per hour with over 1,000 horsepower,” Brad Deberti said.

The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one location. In addition, the SEMA Show provides attendees with seminars, demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more. The 2018 SEMA Show is Oct. 30 – Nov. 2 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

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Quality, innovation on display in ididit’s updated line of collapsible columns.

TECUMSEH, MICHIGAN: When quality meets innovation, hot rodders and racers are the winners. Such is the case with steering company ididit’s newly updated line of collapsible columns.

Quality comes with the use of Delrin® shear pins that offer improved resistance to fatigue and wear. Often used in bushings and other components, acetal plastic—commonly known by the brand name Delrin®—is a thermoplastic polymer manufactured by the polymerization of formaldehyde.

Innovation comes from a new inner-workings design developed by ididit engineers that features shift tube improvements and additional perforations for double the amount of column collapsibility over previous models.

For drivers of custom cars and racers, it simply means a safer steering column in case of an accident.

“ididit is constantly researching ways to improve our products,” according to Peter Hathaway, company engineer. 

“The recent upgrades to our collapsible columns mean greater peace of mind for hot rodders and racers should they ever experience a front-end impact.”

Hathaway explains that rigorous testing of sample shafts showed the Delrin® pins provided dimensional stability, high toughness and fatigue resistance across a wide temperature range, and withstood exposure to solvents, water, oils and other petroleum products.

After researching, developing and building prototypes using Delrin® pins to replace the steel “roll-pin” style shear pin being used in ididit collapsible columns, the engineering team sent the newly-designed columns to third-party testing company Elements to be evaluated for collapsibility under compression in a displacement versus load scenario.  After testing, the shafts built with Delrin® pins showed no discernible loss due to fatigue cycling, and the shafts built with double Delrin® pins were ultimately selected to replace the current design, as the peak loads required for collapse were deemed safe while still maintaining structural integrity and robustness to withstand the rigors of shipping and installation.

After completing testing, ididit’s engineering team conducted an impact test simulating the testing standards used by the United States (and many other countries around the world). A 75-pound weight was dropped from a height of 15 feet to simulate a torso impacting the steering wheel at 15 miles-per-hour. After implementing a new double-tube shaft design featuring additional perforations, the column collapsed over 7 inches, a significant difference that increases driver safety, both on the track and on the street.

“We’re excited to immediately offer this upgraded design on our complete line of retrofit collapsible columns, including the Pro-Lite line, as well as tilt shift and floor shift models,” Hathaway added. “Any vehicle that came with a collapsible column from the factory—we build a collapsible column for that application, and now one that’s safer than ever.”

All ididit collapsible columns are now manufactured with Delrin® pins and they utilize the new double-shaft design. ididit’s continued efforts to innovate and design new and better-performing products has again resulted in a superior and safer steering solution for drivers and racers.




Racers get ready to go for the biggest purse in drag racing history this weekend

GREENWICH, OHIO – Aug. 8, 2018: With more than three decades as the premier source for heat and sound issue solutions in street performance and racing, Thermo-Tec joins the list of sponsors for the Drag Illustrated World Series of Pro Mod (WSOPM), the highly anticipated, invite-only drag race Friday and Saturday at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, CO.

The first-of-its-kind, winner-take-all event will feature the 32 of the best Pro Modified drivers and teams in the world. The champion will walk away with a $100,000 grand prize.

And with stakes that high, Thermo-Tec knew it had to get in on the action. As the original heat insulation company for the aftermarket industry, Thermo-Tec provides top heat control solutions for high-performance cars, from street to strip. 

“Thermo-Tec understands how important it is to remain cool under demanding circumstances, which is exactly what these drivers are going to need to do to win the biggest purse in drag racing history,” said Nick Helms, sales director of the Ohio-based company. “We’re proud to partner with WSOPM to bring this exciting event to life.”

In addition to on-site support at WSOPM, Thermo-Tec is also offering fans a 20 percent discount on Thermo-Tec products by using the code WSOPM at checkout on The offer is only valid Friday and Saturday.

“This is the greatest spectacle in drag racing, so partnering with top-quality companies like Thermo-Tec to bring the magic to our fans just makes sense, ” said Wes Buck, founder of the World Series of Pro Mod and publisher of Drag Illustrated. “By making the WSOPM an invite-only deal, by essentially ‘casting’ our field with colorful, energetic and competitive drivers, then drawing the first-round pairings a month ahead of time, we can build rivalries and develop a compelling story around the race. There is absolutely zero make-believe here. There’s no staged antics or staged outcome. We do, however, want to pour as much gasoline on this fire as is possible, lean on racers who share our vision for changing the trajectory of drag racing and taking this sport to the next level, and we believe the World Series of Pro Mod is where it begins.”

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ididit introduces racing-targeted ZP Performance Steering line of retrofit competition columns.

TECUMSEH, MICHIGAN: ididit, LLC is taking performance steering in a new direction.

Long known for its premier universal and retrofit steering columns for hot rods and custom builds, the company is introducing ZP Performance Steering—an ididit quality product for the street performance and sportsman racing markets.

“We’re proud to roll out ZP Performance Steering, our newest ididit brand,” said Ted Keating of ididit. “When creating this new line, we wanted to bring the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that have made our retrofit steering columns the gold standard in the Hot Rod and Resto-Mod world and engineer products aimed directly at the racing and performance markets.”

The initial ZP Performance Steering column line features two offerings, a base model for pure race/strip applications, and the Pro-Lite column, which was released last year and has become a favorite for street-strip to road and touring high performance applications.

At just 4.6 pounds, the ZP Base Model, the “Pro Fab” is a bare-bones, no-frills, retrofit column for drag racing and competition applications that has been stripped of turn signals, tilt system and anything else that might add weight or get in the way of getting down the track.

Meanwhile, the ZP “Pro-Lite” is a top-tier, lightweight column that retains all the safety features of a standard steering column to blend function with performance. Coming in at less than 6 pounds, it nonetheless provides all the creature comforts needed for an enjoyable drive with features including self-canceling turn signals, four-way flashers, horn wiring, 3-7/8″ wiring plug and a 1″ 48 lower shaft. It also collapses a full 5 inches for enhanced driver safety.

ZP Performance Steering will also add the “Pro Prep” performance steering column to its lineup, bringing the safety of collapsibility to the sleek design of the ZP “Pro Fab” retrofit race column.

ZP Performance Steering’s Pro Prep, Pro Fab and Pro Lite columns will also be available to be married with quick-release steering hubs. Ididit, LLC recently acquired California-based quick release steering hub and steering box company Schroeder Steering from Gary Schroeder. These Quick Release Steering Hubs (QRSH) will provide performance customers with easier entry and exit into the driver’s seat. In fact, quick-release hubs can be added to any steering column, whether it is an ididit/ZP product or not.

“We’ve taken the knowledge and engineering capabilities we’ve been developing in hot rod and custom circles since 1986 and applied them to the street/strip market,” Keating said. “Racers and performance enthusiast are going to love the quality and versatility of the new ZP Performance Steering line.”

For further information on the new ZP Performance Steering line email or call (517) 424-0577.





CORONA, CALIFORNIA—Off-road enthusiasts continue to install LED lighting and other electrical accessories as important aftermarket additions to aid them when traversing extreme terrain and tackling tough elements. But controllers for electrical accessories often use complicated wiring; and installation is often problematic, even for experienced installers. 
Until now.

New from Advanced Accessory Concepts (, the TRIGGER SIX SHOOTER Wireless Accessories Controller adds convenience to the typically arduous process of wiring 12- to 24-Volt accessories by eliminating the need to run wires under the vehicle dash or through the firewall.

Time saved on installation means more fun on the trail. The TRIGGER SIX SHOOTER’s six solid state channels—including two 30 amp, two 10 amp, and two 5 amp solid state circuits—accommodate up to six accessories. The durable and water-proof controller makes it possible to cut costs when installing LED and conventional lighting, E-Lockers, race radios, compressor systems, whips, cooling fans, and more.

The accessories can be controlled from inside or outside the vehicle with the convenient RF Remote, or with a mobile device using the TRIGGER ACS Plus app for iOS and Android phones or tablets. The RF Remote assembly included with every TRIGGER SIX SHOOTER features a sturdy mounting base, detachable back-lit toggle switch assembly, and is programmable for security or use with additional remotes. The App can control dimming and flashing functions for installed lighting, and the controller itself utilizes LED indicators to notify of an active switch (blue) and blown fuses (red), and has its own set of switches for controlling each channel.

Switch location is no longer dictated by existing dash mounted switch panels—the TRIGGER RF Remote universal mount system allows for flexible mounting locations throughout the vehicle. The remote attaches to its mounting base with strong rare-Earth magnets. Once detached, the remote provides accessory control from up to 20 feet away.

When mounted to the roll bar of a UTV, the RF Remote buttons are easier to reach compared to dash switches—no more straining against the seatbelt to reach the dash!

The complete TRIGGER SIX SHOOTER package also includes all necessary wiring harnesses, mounting and wiring accessories, and a decal sheet for specific switch identification.

The functionality of the TRIGGER SIX SHOOTER can also be expanded with several add-on accessories from Advanced Accessory Concepts, including under hood mounting brackets for Jeep JK, the Trigger ONE, individual 40 amp Bluetooth relay, TRIGGER VOLT Bluetooth Battery Voltage Monitor, JK Jeep Wrangler overhead remote mounts, 6- and 36-inch 12 gauge Y harnesses, 8-foot M/F extension, and connector kit. Several Trigger control boxes and remote’s can be used together to control up to 24 accessories.

Users who download the free TRIGGER ACS Plus app open up even more possibilities for their TRIGGER SIX SHOOTER Wireless Accessory Controller. The mobile app allows users to control power to all circuits, set a custom master voltage cutoff for the system, monitor vehicle battery voltage and set a low voltage notification, set custom RF Remote background colors, toggle or momen

tary switch functions, and more.

Additional features and details for the TRIGGER SIX SHOOTER include:


  • Six solid state channels; two 30-amp circuits, two 10-amp circuits, two 5-amp
  • 12-to 24-volt input/output
  • Water proof connectors on outputs
  • Manual control buttons for on/off on top of case
  • Built in DIN connector for manual control with conventional toggle switches (harness sold separately)
  • User adjustable low voltage cutout to shut down TRIGGER if battery voltage gets low
  • Fuse’s built in
  • 100-amp fuse installed on positive input wire for protection
  • Waterproof cover case withstands temperatures as high as 250 degrees, and as low as below freezing.
  • LEDs indicate when the relay is on (blue), and if the fuse is blown (red)
  • Three wire connection to vehicle: ground, switched positive and battery positive


  • Usable inside or outside the vehicle.
  • 2.4 ghz RF connection to the control box
  • Replaceable battery power and/or 12-Volt hardwired option for backlit switches
  • Back lit with press of button
  • Delayed off for the back light
  • User adjustable color changing background/switch light when hardwired to 12-24 volts
  • Custom switch labels included
  • Weatherproof design

TRIGGER ACS Plus Mobile App

  • Bluetooth control from iOS and Android phone and tablets
  • Simple interface for turning on and off the six channels
  • Allows customized names for each channel
  • User adjustable main power cutoff for low voltage
  • Battery voltage shows in app screen
  • Controls backlight color in the RF Remote switch pad
  • App allows for dimming, strobe, on and off functions
  • Screen switches user selectable between toggle and momentary


  • Kit includes six 8-foot wire harnesses—two 12 gauge, two 14 gauge, two 18 gauge—with the waterproof mating connector to the control box on one end and blank wires on the other
  • Harnesses include sturdy vinyl shroud

For more information visit or call Advanced Accessory Concepts at 951-339-1460.