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Quality, innovation on display in ididit’s updated line of collapsible columns.

TECUMSEH, MICHIGAN: When quality meets innovation, hot rodders and racers are the winners. Such is the case with steering company ididit’s newly updated line of collapsible columns.

Quality comes with the use of Delrin® shear pins that offer improved resistance to fatigue and wear. Often used in bushings and other components, acetal plastic—commonly known by the brand name Delrin®—is a thermoplastic polymer manufactured by the polymerization of formaldehyde.

Innovation comes from a new inner-workings design developed by ididit engineers that features shift tube improvements and additional perforations for double the amount of column collapsibility over previous models.

For drivers of custom cars and racers, it simply means a safer steering column in case of an accident.

“ididit is constantly researching ways to improve our products,” according to Peter Hathaway, company engineer. 

“The recent upgrades to our collapsible columns mean greater peace of mind for hot rodders and racers should they ever experience a front-end impact.”

Hathaway explains that rigorous testing of sample shafts showed the Delrin® pins provided dimensional stability, high toughness and fatigue resistance across a wide temperature range, and withstood exposure to solvents, water, oils and other petroleum products.

After researching, developing and building prototypes using Delrin® pins to replace the steel “roll-pin” style shear pin being used in ididit collapsible columns, the engineering team sent the newly-designed columns to third-party testing company Elements to be evaluated for collapsibility under compression in a displacement versus load scenario.  After testing, the shafts built with Delrin® pins showed no discernible loss due to fatigue cycling, and the shafts built with double Delrin® pins were ultimately selected to replace the current design, as the peak loads required for collapse were deemed safe while still maintaining structural integrity and robustness to withstand the rigors of shipping and installation.

After completing testing, ididit’s engineering team conducted an impact test simulating the testing standards used by the United States (and many other countries around the world). A 75-pound weight was dropped from a height of 15 feet to simulate a torso impacting the steering wheel at 15 miles-per-hour. After implementing a new double-tube shaft design featuring additional perforations, the column collapsed over 7 inches, a significant difference that increases driver safety, both on the track and on the street.

“We’re excited to immediately offer this upgraded design on our complete line of retrofit collapsible columns, including the Pro-Lite line, as well as tilt shift and floor shift models,” Hathaway added. “Any vehicle that came with a collapsible column from the factory—we build a collapsible column for that application, and now one that’s safer than ever.”

All ididit collapsible columns are now manufactured with Delrin® pins and they utilize the new double-shaft design. ididit’s continued efforts to innovate and design new and better-performing products has again resulted in a superior and safer steering solution for drivers and racers.




ididit introduces racing-targeted ZP Performance Steering line of retrofit competition columns.

TECUMSEH, MICHIGAN: ididit, LLC is taking performance steering in a new direction.

Long known for its premier universal and retrofit steering columns for hot rods and custom builds, the company is introducing ZP Performance Steering—an ididit quality product for the street performance and sportsman racing markets.

“We’re proud to roll out ZP Performance Steering, our newest ididit brand,” said Ted Keating of ididit. “When creating this new line, we wanted to bring the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that have made our retrofit steering columns the gold standard in the Hot Rod and Resto-Mod world and engineer products aimed directly at the racing and performance markets.”

The initial ZP Performance Steering column line features two offerings, a base model for pure race/strip applications, and the Pro-Lite column, which was released last year and has become a favorite for street-strip to road and touring high performance applications.

At just 4.6 pounds, the ZP Base Model, the “Pro Fab” is a bare-bones, no-frills, retrofit column for drag racing and competition applications that has been stripped of turn signals, tilt system and anything else that might add weight or get in the way of getting down the track.

Meanwhile, the ZP “Pro-Lite” is a top-tier, lightweight column that retains all the safety features of a standard steering column to blend function with performance. Coming in at less than 6 pounds, it nonetheless provides all the creature comforts needed for an enjoyable drive with features including self-canceling turn signals, four-way flashers, horn wiring, 3-7/8″ wiring plug and a 1″ 48 lower shaft. It also collapses a full 5 inches for enhanced driver safety.

ZP Performance Steering will also add the “Pro Prep” performance steering column to its lineup, bringing the safety of collapsibility to the sleek design of the ZP “Pro Fab” retrofit race column.

ZP Performance Steering’s Pro Prep, Pro Fab and Pro Lite columns will also be available to be married with quick-release steering hubs. Ididit, LLC recently acquired California-based quick release steering hub and steering box company Schroeder Steering from Gary Schroeder. These Quick Release Steering Hubs (QRSH) will provide performance customers with easier entry and exit into the driver’s seat. In fact, quick-release hubs can be added to any steering column, whether it is an ididit/ZP product or not.

“We’ve taken the knowledge and engineering capabilities we’ve been developing in hot rod and custom circles since 1986 and applied them to the street/strip market,” Keating said. “Racers and performance enthusiast are going to love the quality and versatility of the new ZP Performance Steering line.”

For further information on the new ZP Performance Steering line email or call (517) 424-0577.





Custom Chevelle to be in ididit booth – the first-ever SEMA vehicle for the 31-year-old company

TECUMSEH, MI: Mitch Kelly and the team at Kelly and Son are hard at work on a project to remember—one that’s a prime example of the great work grassroots builders produce every day that deserves to be celebrated.

This particular 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle is slated to be the first-ever vehicle to appear in ididit’s Hot Rod Alley booth at the 2018 SEMA Show. And, although it’s only the fourth project the Bellflower, California shop has tackled, Kelly knows it needs to be special.

“I’ve been to SEMA a couple of times and to have a car right there down the middle of the show—I know how prestigious it is,” Kelly says. “We’re pretty excited.”

Such enthusiasm is typical of passionate builders across the country who turn wrenches not for a paycheck, but because it’s what they love to do. Recognizing their talent and dedication is the idea behind steering company ididit’s inaugural I Did It With ididit Tour, which has been stopping at grassroots races and car events across the country this summer in search of not only the best vehicles, but the up-and-coming builders that are the backbone of the aftermarket industry.

The company’s message is clear: Keep Building.

“The tour is part of our dedication to showcasing grassroots builders who continue to keep building in the face of challenges,” says Ted Keating of ididit.

Kelly is the perfect representative of the type of builder the I Did It With ididit Tour was created to celebrate. Having made a name for himself and his shop painting semi-trucks, he’s now adding project cars to his resume.

More than halfway through the ididit build, Kelly reveals the Chevelle won’t necessarily reflect the shop’s signature style, forgoing lots of chrome and shine for a more subdued black-and-painted appearance.

“The paint job will be flashy,” he reveals, “but we’re not doing any bling on this one.”

That doesn’t mean it won’t make a bold statement, however. The Chevelle has already undergone more than 500 hours of sheet metal work and boasts subtle styling enhancements including 1970 Impala headlight buckets and a custom grille. The goal is for a traditional-yet-enhanced Chevelle look—piloted via a tilt steering column from ididit, of course.

“The car’s been dropped, lowered and tucked,” Kelly notes. “Everything from the back to the front is all flowing. We really like the direction it’s going.”

A plug-and-play Pace Performance 525-ci engine approaching 600 hp, powered by a FiTech induction system, will drive the TREMEC transmission and Currie Enterprises rear end. The Chevelle will roll on American Racing wheels and Toyo Tires.

Along with the ididit tilt column, other upgrades will include: Wilwood brakes with hidden master cylinder, Eddie Motorsports hinges, KICKER stereo system, Ron Francis Wiring harness, a custom interior, and bedliner material in place of undercoating.

Approaching the Oct. 30 opening of the SEMA Show, Kelly says the build is progressing as planned—if he can keep from messing with it, that is.

“We’re ahead of schedule, but every time I turn around, I’m making something new and hard on myself.”

Still, Kelly and the crew recently bolted on the wheels and tires and rolled the base metal car out into the sunshine for an inspection. “We sat there for probably an hour saying, ‘I think I like it,’” he says with a smile.

The hope is that show-goers will, too, when they visit ididit’s SEMA booth #22989.

“We invite everyone at the show to stop by and see the finished product,” Keating says. “We have never had a project car in our booth before, but I know that the team at Kelly and Son are hard at work building a project to remember. You won’t want to miss this one.”

Meanwhile, builders and fans are encouraged to follow the I Did It With ididit tour at @ididitsteering on Instagram and track the #ididitwithididit hashtag on social media for updates, photos and videos. Builders and enthusiasts who make it out to a tour stop should be sure to tag the company, as fans at each event will receive an I Did It With ididit Tour takeaway.



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TECUMSEH, MICHIGAN: The 2018 NMRA season kicks off this weekend with the Spring Break Shootout in Bradenton, Florida. One of the most anticipated classes is ididit’s Outlaw True Street — a No Time heads-up eliminator on Saturday night that covers an eighth-mile distance. Unlike other classes, Outlaw True Street vehicles must make a 30-mile road tour, be on DOT-approved tires and have street legal steering safety features like a horn and turn signals in order to compete.
“Witness some of the baddest street-driven Mustangs on the planet at the NMRA Spring Break Shootout when the ididit Outlaw True Street class takes over the dragstrip,” said Steve Wolcott, co-founder of the NMRA. “Big-time power at insane speeds make Outlaw True Street a category to watch with big money and major bragging rights are up for grabs!”

ididit’s Pro-Lite performance column is the steering solution of choice for Outlaw True Street competitors.
 The ididit Pro-Lite Straight Floor Shift column weighs under 6 pounds, half the weight of a standard ididit column. It contributes immediate performance enhancement from OE weight reduction alone, before any of its other features are even factored in. For those requiring their vehicle to transition seamlessly from the track to the streets, ididit Pro-Lite columns include self-canceling turn signals, 4-way flashers and collapse a full five inches for enhanced driver safety.

The Pro-Lite installs easily using the pre-existing dash mount and ididit’s exclusive and simple plug-in wiring connectors, and ships with a brand-new ididit floor mount. The Pro-Lite column is designed to work with most quick-release steering wheel hubs, but for the rare occasion where exact fit is not to be achieved, ididit offers a line of steering wheel adaptors to ensure the project comes together without a hitch. Standard features on the Pro-Lite include 5” of collapsibility, 1” -48 lower shaft, 3 7/8” wiring plug, self-cancelling turns signals, 4-way flashers, wiring for horn, and stylish knob and lever – topped off with a black microtex finish that is both durable and attractive.
To see a full schedule of 2018 NMRA events:


ididit teams with Colorado builder on a Tri-Five for the ages.

TECUMSEH, MICHIGAN: When an extraordinary build comes along, it’s celebrated for being greater than the sum of its parts. And when those parts start as quality components such as a steering column from ididit, the end result is destined to be remembered.

Such is the case for the 1955 Chevy Sedan built by Matt Martinez in his three-bay garage in Thornton, Colorado. Inspired both by a 1956 Nomad featured in the Overhaulin’ booth at the 2007 SEMA Show and Martinez’ status as a family man, it was named Tri-Five of the Year at the 2017 Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Like most great projects, Martinez’ black beauty benefitted from a combination of fortuitous timing, assistance from friends and family, top-quality products, and lots of skill, inspiration and hard work behind the scenes.

From discovering the body locally, to landing a smokin’ deal on an LS3 and 6-speed combo that only had 300 miles on it, to knowing just who to call for specialty work, Martinez’ Tri-Five project always seemed like it was just meant to be. Anyone who’s seen it in person will be quick to agree.

ididit is proud that Martinez chose the company’s 1955-56 Chevy Paintable Tilt Floor shift column to pilot this award winner. The company has been making the finest steering columns and related accessories for hot rod and muscle car enthusiasts for the past 30 years, working side-by-side with the local, grassroots builders who power this amazing industry.

“We were really impressed by Matt’s dedication to this build, and his hard work is obvious when you see how beautiful this Chevy turned out,” Marty Waterstraut of ididit said. “A big part of ididit’s success has always been supporting grassroots builders who use and test our products on the projects they are passionate about, and Matt’s Chevy is the perfect example of hard work and commitment resulting in a truly incredible build. Congratulations to Matt and his team on winning Tri-Five of the Year.”


Martinez’ award-winning Chevy started with a chassis from Street Rod Garage while Martinez searched for a ’55 shell.

“I ended up finding what I never thought possible,” he says. “A guy had a solid body on a body cart, with no chassis or running gear, and it was local. I was pretty excited.”

A friend who converts right-hand drive G8 Utes from Australia to left hand drive for the U.S. market found the engine and transmission. After purchase, it was taken to Turnkey Engine Supply for a refresh including MAHLE 10.7:1 pistons, a COMP Cams cam, and Holley Terminator EFI assembly with a single-plane intake, jumping the horsepower from 430 to a dyno-tuned 540 hp.

Wanting the car to be timeless, Martinez kept the plating to a minimum and dressed the engine in a huge, vintage-style air cleaner and ’57 Chevy script valve covers on adapters from Delmo’s Speed. Hedman Hedders and a Concept One front runner system were also added.

Since everything Martinez owns is black, the color was a no-brainer. He’s also a fan of the clean and low-slung style of Bobby Alloway, so the body was dropped and smoothed by Steve Sheats Sr. and Jr. at True Colors Customs before the PPG paint was sprayed.

Body mods were limited to shaving the door locks and restyling the bumper over-riders. Martinez scored a round of Salt Flats-inspired wheels from Budnik featuring three-bar knockoffs and hidden lug nuts. He also turned to Lee Bumgardner of Zoomers Automotive for help, including the trick exhaust system.

Finally, the car was taken to Mark Lopez at Elegance Auto Interiors in Upland, California for a timeless leather treatment. Lopez added seats from a 1962 Impala and created a custom console. The dash was crowned with a matching ’62 Impala steering wheel and fitted with gauges from Redline Gauge Works.

Lopez’ shop-neighbor Carlos Rodriguez at The Art of Sound masterfully added a premium 14-speaker sound system, neatly tucked out of sight and controlled by a stock-appearing radio.

Back at home, Martinez says the car fought him nearly every step of the way, earning a few choice words and the unofficial nickname of Black Cat. But, the headaches were worth it and true testament to the determination of this hometown builder.

Even his son Alek got in on the act, helping with much of the chassis assembly, installing the windows, and polishing countless stainless steel hardware pieces. The two worked side-by-side in their home garage in their spare time, only farming out things they couldn’t do themselves.

Martinez’ ’55 Chevy started as a passion project and turned in to a nationally-recognized build. The true backbone of the performance and aftermarket industry lives in stories like Martinez’, where every product is part of a greater vision to build not only a great vehicle, but mirror a piece of the builder’s identity. And with the help of companies like ididit, grassroots builders find partners and resources to help craft their masterpiece build with the best products on the market.

Grassroots builders interested in using ididit products to help with projects and builds can visit and fill out the Sponsorship Submission form.