Email Marketing to Consumers

Without a doubt, email marketing is one of the most efficient and targeted ways to reach consumers. And while companies that sell direct-to-consumer have been utilizing email marketing for more than a decade, companies that sell through distributors and retailers must approach email marketing with a more nuanced strategy.

It’s much simpler to create an email marketing campaign focusing on sale pricing, promotions and discounts. When a manufacturer can’t rely on the call-to-action of a discount, it must get creative to keep the attention and engagement of its audience.

When a consumer signs up to receive emails from your company, it’s important you respond initially with an email welcoming them to the community. The welcome message is a great opportunity to tell the story of your brand and entice readers to engage further with your company. Original content, high-impact graphics and creative copy are paramount for welcome messages to be successful in cultivating active audiences instead of passive recipients.

Welcome messages can tell the company story, encourage readers to follow the company’s social channels and point them in the direction of the closest reseller. Furthermore, companies can send multiple welcome messages, although there is a clear point of diminishing return when consumers are inundated with content from a brand. Industries such as automotive should focus on better content, delivered less often, to optimize their email marketing tactics.

After a consumer has signed up to receive notifications from your company, it’s safe to assume they will welcome interesting and/or useful content from you. Don’t hesitate to deploy blast campaigns to your marketing list on a regular basis to sustain engagement and disseminate information to your audience.

Blast campaign creative should have a clear call to action above the scroll. It is also wise to utilize different graphics in each marketing blast to keep your audience intrigued. Make sure to test your blast campaigns on several email platforms (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) in order to ensure your creative is represented well regardless of which email provider your audience uses.

If you are having difficulty creating new and interesting content on a regular basis, consider reaching out to series or events that have a strong social media presence. Chances are, people are already writing and posting content about your brand/product, so there is no need to tell a story that is already written. In the world of digital marketing, sharing is selling. It may be wise to utilize content that influencers have already created in your own email marketing strategies. Let your customers tell the story.