Gforce Keep Your Toyota On Its Toes

GForce Performance Engineering introduces CV half-shaft axles for Toyota Supra & Scion/Subaru applications.

WICHITA, KANSAS: When it’s time to transfer the big power found in today’s sport compact builds to the track, GForce Performance Engineering has you covered with Renegade and Outlaw CV half-shaft axle upgrades.

Now available for 1993-’98 A80 Toyota Supra and Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ/Toyota FT86 applications, the Outlaw and Renegade Axles feature the industry’s only one-piece CNC-machined stubs and include aircraft-grade certified alloys for unparalleled strength, allowing GForce to back them with an unrivaled warranty.

“Due to overwhelming demand for our latest axle technology in additional platforms, GForce Engineering is excited to offer two new levels of upgrades for the Mk4 Toyota Supra, Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ,” said Jesse Powell, GForce president. “Renegade is our original bulletproof axle, and the Outlaw is our strongest and most durable axle ever.”

Both axles are ready for the strip, featuring anti-wheel hop technology, direct bolt-in fit and finish, powder-coating and a black e-coat finish on the outer stubs that protects against harsh conditions without impeding spline engagement.

The Renegade line includes one-piece, CNC-machined stubs and billet-machined CV joints. In addition to these features, GForce’s Outlaw axles take performance to the next level with upgraded components including isotropic super-finish polished CV, ARP-brand CV joint fasteners, and premium high-temp CV grease.

Upgrading to keep pace with today’s higher-horsepower vehicles, GForce Performance Engineering overhauled its axle lineup for 2019 to meet the increased demands of modern consumers and performance installers seeking durable axles that can handle even the most extreme applications

“In today’s climate, we have to provide customers a better product for their money—one that can handle power levels never conceived of even 10 years ago—and we need to do this while ensuring a fair price point with a good margin for our dealers,” Powell added.

For more information about the new Outlaw and Renegade axles, pricing, availability and the advantages these products can provide, visit www.GForce1320.com or reach out to a preferred GForce dealer and installer. You can also call the GForce main line at (316) 260-8433 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

More about GForce Engineering

GForce Engineering is a true high-performance manufacturer specializing in axles, CV-shafts and driveline components. Utilizing precision manufacturing and only premium materials, GForce Engineering’s hand-assembly and strict quality control practices have set themselves apart as the peak in performance driveline components, and enabled them to carry a Lifetime Warranty on all their products. For Warranty details, visit https://gforce1320.com/warranty/.