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Keeping Riders & Racers Comfortable

DEI introduces new Motorcycle Leg Shields & Driver Heel Protectors 

AVON LAKE, OHIO (March 19, 2020) – Whether you race or ride, Design Engineering Inc. has a new slip-on heat shield to keep you comfortable. The company has introduced wearable Motorcycle Leg Shields and Driver Heel Protectors

DEI’s new Motorcycle Leg Shields are worn by riders to prevent leg burns from hot bike exhausts. The 8"x10" shields feature a heavy-duty black outer shell with an insulated inner layer and slip on and off easily. 

“Riding your motorcycle can get uncomfortable and dangerous because of how close your leg can get to searing exhaust pipes,” says Mike Buca of DEI. “This insulated leg protector is easy to slip on and off, so when you are done riding, you pull it off and are ready to go.” 

The Motorcycle Leg Shields are fully adjustable and large enough to fit over leathers and riding gear. 

In much the same way, DEI’s new Heel Protectors offer racers a thermal barrier against hot floorboards. The lightweight protectors quickly attach over the racer’s shoes. 

“When racing, the floor, firewall and transmission tunnel can get unbearably hot. You can get uncomfortable and even get burned,” Buca notes. “DEI’s Heel Protector solves this by providing insulated, easy-on/easy-off protection that blocks heat and keeps you cooler for the entire race.” 

The Driver Heel Protectors include a sewn-in wear surface to help them last race after race. 

For more information about DEI’s new Motorcycle Leg Shields and Heel Protectors, as well as the rest of its heat and sound control product lines, visit