King of Custom: Kooks’ reign continues as new facility expands capabilities

STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA: Kooks Headers and Exhaust started the way many performance manufacturing companies do: by solving a problem. Founder Papa Kook used a gas torch to fabricate his first set of custom headers and exhaust for the family race car. Because of his innovative solutions and winning combinations, Kooks became the industry leader.

From those humble beginnings, Kooks now occupies three buildings including a new facility in Mooresville, NC, also known as Race City, USA. The third facility, which opened last fall, features a state-of-the-art Research & Development shop that showcases Kooks’ continued dedication to crafting the best custom headers and exhaust available.

Kooks greatly expanded its variety of production parts in the past year. This includes an increased selection of Axle-Backs, Cat-Backs, and new applications for Jeep Wranglers, 4×4 trucks, imports and domestics. The company also crafts custom systems not currently in its catalog, particularly 2003 and earlier street performance, classic car, and truck models. Attention to detail and expertise makes Kooks the go-to manufacturer for custom applications. Some of the biggest and most dominant names in NHRA, IHRA, NMCA, NMRA, NASCAR, SCCA, and NASA run Kooks products and win championships, and many top builders with award-winning SEMA vehicles choose Kooks because of the quality and reliability.

“We can make headers and exhaust as custom as your build,” said Chris Clark, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We know every street and race car is different, and that’s what we all love about modifying our vehicles. It’s individual. If you need a custom header or exhaust for your project, we can build it, and we can build it better than anyone else.”

With the addition of the third facility, a substantial investment in new machining equipment and an expert staff, Kooks’ expanded custom shop is excited to accept new projects. If you’ve been wanting a Kooks system that isn’t your typical off-the-shelf product, now is your opportunity to #getkookin! Live too far away? Kooks offers build kits with everything you need to build your own header & exhaust system, including flanges, bends, collectors, and components. For more information, call 866-586-KOOK (5665) or go to www.kooksheaders.com

ABOUT KOOKS HEADERS AND EXHAUST: For the past 55 years, Kooks Headers and Exhaust has built a sterling reputation in the performance aftermarket and racing industry for its relentless dedication to quality, performance and innovation. For more information, call Kooks Headers and Exhaust at 1-866-586-5665 or go to http://www.kooksheaders.com.