Making the best even better: New Complete Kooks system improves GT350’ performance with remarkable power gains.

Statesville, NC: Kooks Headers and Exhaust announced the release of a new stainless steel exhaust system for the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350…and the numbers are nothing short of impressive. The system can add a stunning 30-plus rear-wheel horsepower and 35-plus foot pounds of torque, making it easily one of the top performing aftermarket exhaust systems available. Kooks fans have come to expect superior quality and unsurpassed value, and this new Shelby GT350 kit does not disappoint. So what’s all the buzz about? Kooks’ new Shelby GT350 system features unique step primaries specially designed to maximize horsepower and torque. It’s complemented by your choice of GREENCATS, Tuner Catalyst and non Catalyst pipes. A Shelby specific X-pipe and Catback system complete the package. And like everything that comes from Kooks, the complete stainless steel exhaust system for the 2016+ Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 was handmade in America with the highest attention to quality. So you know it comes with Kooks’ famous limited lifetime warranty. For more information, call Kooks Headers and Exhaust at 1-866-586-KOOK (5665) or go to www.kooksheaders.com. 2016-Shelby-GT350




1 3/4” x 1 7/8” x 3” Stainless Steel Long Tube Stepped Header


3” x 2 3/4” OEM Off Road (No Cats) Stainless Steel X-Pipe


3” x 2 3/4” OEM Catted Stainless Steel X-Pipe


3” x 2 3/4” OEM GREEN Catted Stainless Steel X-Pipe


3” Stainless Steel Rear Exhaust System


Complete Competition Off Road (No Cats) Exhaust System


Complete Competition Catted Exhaust System


Complete Competition GREEN Catted Exhaust System

  Kooks Headers and Exhaust has been innovating header technology for more than 50 years. No other header company in the country can offer “custom” headers for as many late model domestic vehicles, while still building handmade custom race headers used in 3,000 + horsepower applications.