Performance Warehouse Association rebrands as Custom Automotive Network

La Quinta, CA: For more than 45 years the Performance Warehouse Association (PWA) championed the aftermarket parts industry and strengthened the supply chain. The organization navigated hundreds of legislative and economic obstacles the aftermarket industry met over the past four decades. 

With the new challenges facing the aftermarket industry, PWA recently announced the organization rebranded to better meet the needs of the changing automotive distribution chain.

Custom Automotive Network (CAN) will continue to act as the industry’s leading advocacy group for distributors, manufacturers, jobbers and retailers, but with a re-defined commitment to growing members’ businesses and promoting networking opportunities beyond the traditional performance market.

“With the ever-evolving supply channel, market diversification, and the rise of e-commerce, it has become necessary for CAN to strengthen and expand to connect with current members and attract new audiences,” CAN President Tracie Nuñez said. “After discussing the association’s name and the expanding markets served by the membership, the board selected GMMB, a Washington DC firm, to begin the detailed review process of PWA, its history, membership and benefits. After months of work behind the scenes, the new Custom Automotive Network was born.”

“The CAN acronym provides an exciting emphasis on what is possible for our members through the association’s programs, benefits, and at our annual conference,” Nuñez said. “From the beginning and going forward, this organization is committed to our members and connecting

the makers and sellers of the next big things in automotive to their next big win. The Custom Automotive Network exists so our members CAN.”

The organization’s bi-monthly newsletter has been rebranded as The Supply Channel to better align with its focus. The annual PWA Conference, slated for September 10-13 in Anaheim, Calif., also has a new name. The CAN Connect conference is an exclusive opportunity for member resellers, manufacturers, sales reps, service providers and media to meet in a private, businesslike environment to discuss sales and marketing policies and programs. Registration for the 2017 CAN Connect conference is now open.

For more information about CAN, CAN Connect or to become a member, go to www.customautomotivenetwork.com