Secret’s out: Team Z Motorpsorts’ strutless wing gains popularity with Fox body fans

Taylor, Mich. May, 2016: For years, one of the best-kept secrets among hardcore Fox Body Mustang enthusiasts has been Team Z Motorsports’ cost-effective, high-quality strutless wings. Keeping critical downforce on the back end of the car, these bolt-on wings are key for traction and a favorite with Fox body fans. But in recent months, the Detroit-based manufacturer has been filling more orders for the strutless wings than even it anticipated. It appears the secret got out. And it’s easy to see why: With .125 inch-thick 3000 series aluminum braces, a 0.63 inch-thick main body, a 3/8-inch wicker bill and all stainless hardware, Team Z’s strut-less wings are a great addition to their lineup of premium, in-house-manufactured Mustang performance parts.  With a price tag just north of $300, the wings feature a bolt-on/rivet-on design that allows for the trunk or hatch to open without needing to remove the wing nuts. For more information, call Team Z Motorsports at 734-946-7223 or go to http://www.teamzmotorsports.net/category_s/263.htm Team Z Motorsports is a Detroit-based performance manufacturer that specializes in rear-end suspension. Built for racers, by racers, Team Z Motorsports tests the products it makes and sells every weekend on the strip, making them a favorite among weekend warriors across the country.