Something a Little More Comfortable

Drivers can relax, thanks to Thermo-Tec’s Thermo Guard FR heat & sound protection.

GREENWICH, OHIO – The world can be a hot and noisy place, especially when you’re stuck in traffic. That’s why the heat and sound control experts at Thermo-Tec developed Thermo Guard FR – to help drivers stay calm, cool and comfortable in any situation.

Lightweight, durable Thermo Guard FR heat and sound control shields offer complete in-vehicle protection by reducing sound, absorbing vibration, blocking radiant heat up to 1,500 degrees and providing an extra layer of insulating padding. Trim the shields to fit an infinite number of applications in cars, trucks, RVs, buses – even aircraft and homes.

The shields feature 100-percent synthetic fiber felt that delivers sound and comfort control, and a high-tech foil heat barrier that blocks more than 90 percent of radiant heat. And at only 1/4-inch thick, their heat- and sound-control power can be put to work in the tightest of spaces.

Thermo Guard FR is available in 24-by-48-inch one-sided foil, 48-by-72-inch one-sided foil and 48-by-72-inch two-sided foil sizes, and may be applied with Thermo-Tec’s Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive for a long-lasting install.

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