Stage 8 releases Ford 9-inch differential locking fastener kit

San Rafael, CA: Since 1985, Stage 8 Locking Fasteners has been in the business of solving bolt issues. So, when aimg_0062 major differential manufacturer had trouble keeping their differential ring gear bolts tight, they contacted industry authority Stage 8 Locking Fasteners. 

Stage 8 Locking Fasteners recently developed and released a new locking fastener system for the Ford 9-inch differential carrier. The locking fastener system features Stage 8’s patented grooved bolts in combination wimg_0060ith their unique “bridge retainer” to secure the ring gear bolts to the differential carrier assembly.

The fail-safe system secures two adjacent bolt heads with a stainless steel plate, ensuring that neither bolt can move or rotate and therefore stay tight.  The system is completely reusable and requires only an additional set of snap ring pliers to complete a normal installation.

For 31 years, Stage 8 Locking Fasteners has built the world’s best locking fasteners in a myriad of industries including automotive, industrial, railroad and military. Since 1985, Stage 8 has consistently delivered measurable increases in equipment reliability and safety as well as dramatic reductions in maintenance costs and equipment failures, especially header, exhaust and turbo applications.