Stage 8 unveils anticipated rear axle retaining bolt kit for GM Corporate 14 bolt

San Rafael, CA: Off-road enthusiasts know there’s no easier way to ruin a Saturday out on the trail than having an axle fall off due to failing bolts. And there’s no easier way to cause bolt failure than the harsh conditions and extreme terrain that make off-roading the high-intensity, top performance sport that it is today. Once the bolts that hold the axle shaft to the rear drive hub begin to back out, the torque of the axle quickly breaks them – resulting in a spinning axle with no power, and a catastrophe. Stage 8 Locking Fasteners, manufacturer of the world’s best active locking mechanisms, has created a solution that is already the talk of off-road industry insiders: a full-floating rear axle retaining bolt kit. GM Rear Axle This new kit uses Stage 8’s patented locking fastener technology and locks the eight bolts that hold the axle (commonly known as the GM Corporate 14 Bolt or the Dana 60, 70 and 80 rear axles shaft) to the rear drive hub. The innovative kit is comprised of 16 1/2-13×1 1/2 inch 6-point Grade 8 bolts and all the locking hardware to go with them. Stainless steel locking retainers add strength and snap rings provide superior dependability. For more information on the new full-floating rear axle retaining bolt kit, go to www.stage8.com or call 415-485-5340. For 31 years, Stage 8 Locking Fasteners has built the world’s best locking fasteners in a myriad of industries including automotive, industrial, railroad and military. Since 1985, Stage 8 has consistently delivered measurable increases in equipment reliability and safety as well as dramatic reductions in maintenance costs and equipment failures, especially header, exhaust and turbo applications.