Tough when it counts: Stage 8’s X-Lock Spindle Nut systems measure up

Replacement spindle nut systems celebrate zero reported failures in 10 years San Rafael, CA: Originally designed for the military, Stage 8’s X Lock Spindle Nut replacement systems have become a must-have for serious off-road enthusiasts since they debuted in 2006. Standard spindle nut systems loosen and can’t confront the harshest off-road conditions. Stage 8’s X Lock Spindle Nut systems can replace Dana 44, 60 and 70 spindle nuts and are laser cut from 4130 steel for a perfect fit. They install easily without the need for specialized tools. Extremely adaptable for most applications, the spindle nut itself can be locked in any positions and will maintain a required bearing preload value. Stage 8 X-Lock Spindle Nut systems come with four parts: a specialized bearing washer, the spindle nut (which can be set to an individual pre-load value), a notched washer (which has an inside tab that fixes its position in relation to the locating groove in the spindle), a locking retainer and a heavy spring steel snap ring. Additionally, the assembly is available in a limited space version. British Columbia 4×4 website BC4x4.com reviewed the Stage 8 X-Lock system and found that “Like many of the best inventions, its design and concept is so simple, practical, and obvious, that we’re left wondering why no one came up with this before.” For more information on the Stage 8 X-Lock Spindle Nut system, go to http://stage8.com/offroad. For 31 years, Stage 8 Locking Fasteners has built the world’s best locking fasteners in a myriad of industries including automotive, industrial, railroad and military. Since 1985, Stage 8 has consistently delivered measurable increases in equipment reliability and safety as well as dramatic reductions in maintenance costs and equipment failures, especially header, exhaust and turbo applications.