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CORONA, CALIFORNIA— Accurate, timely information about changes in tire pressure and temperature can mean the difference between life and death for motorcycle riders. BLU Premium Technology Products‘ state-of-the-art BLU TPMS aftermarket tire pressure monitoring system provides riders with total peace of mind through the system’s innovative approach to providing vital tire information in near real-time.

The BLU TPMS monitors the pressure and temperature of tires using low-energy Bluetooth sensors, which transmit the information to the free iOS or Android app in virtually real-time. Users can elect to receive push notifications if tire pressure or temperature deviates from their custom user settings.

While the BLU TPMS isn’t the first motorcycle TPMS product on the market, the high quality and versatility of the BLU system sets it apart from similar products. Additional features of the BLU TPMS system change the landscape of safety and connectivity for rider.

The BLU TPMS is smaller and lighter than its counterparts, which translates to little or no effect on overall tire balance. Mos

t motorcycle TPMS products require a weight to be installed when the sensor is in, which can cause further tire balance inconsistencies for riders and result in unpredictable handling.

Some additional features unique to the BLU TPMS:

  • For more than just your motorcycle: BLU TPMS monitors allow for up to 99 sensors to be linked to a single device and information for up to 99 distinct vehicles can be stored in the app’s memory. Choose from two, four or six-piece kits to outfit any vehicle, trailer or RV with BLU TPMS and monitor them all with one, central dashboard from the app.
  • For more than just one rider: The presets from the BLU TPMS can be stored on cloud-based platforms, which allows multiple devices to display critical tire information via one login.
  • For more security: Riders who choose BLU TPMS also enjoy the peace of mind that added security brings — the sensors feature a locking mechanism that deters theft.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 733 fatalities in 2016 in which tire malfunction was a contributing factor. For motorcycle riders, the consequences of tire malfunction can be deadly. BLU TPMS arms users with valuable, near real-time information – and takes the guesswork out of tire safety.

“Nothing is more important than safety when you’re on the road. We’ve created a simple way for riders to have important tire information at their fingertips, information that can help keep them safe and worry-free on their ride,” said Rory Connell of BLU Premium Technology Products. “And since this is an app-based system, it leverages technology they already have in their pockets, so there’s no need for an additional external display.”

BLU TPMS installation is simple when using the external sensors, which easily attach to tire valves. Internal units, which require professional installation, are also available.

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