BILSTEIN is official shock of RUSH Racing Series for fifth year

Sealed Spec Shock now mandated in three divisions after ‘BILSTEIN Bandits’ continue to top podiums
Poway, California, March 29, 2018 – BILSTEIN has announced a continued partnership with The Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC RUSH Racing Series  as the “official shock” of the series for the fifth straight year.

The “RUSH/BILSTEIN” shock package is now mandated on three divisions of the series: the RUSH Sportsman Modifieds, RUSH Pro Mods, and the new RUSH non-winged Sprint Cars.  In addition, the $135 package is a popular choice among RUSH Late Model, RUSH Pro Stock, and racers in the three asphalt RUSH classes at Jennerstown Speedway.

The BILSTEIN name began to grow throughout the RUSH Racing Series in 2014 when regional standout racer Alan Dellinger started having success on the affordable sealed spec shock, dubbed the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” shock package. Dellinger topped the podium the first night he raced on the shocks in RUSH Late Model competition. He found further success winning numerous feature events that season.  

The 2014 season was the same year the RUSH Sportsman Modifieds debuted, and while not mandated in Late Model competition, numerous racers have experienced great success running the new “RUSH/BILSTEIN” shock package.

Two years later, the second class evolved, mandating the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” package, and the RUSH Pro Mods quickly debuted as a weekly division at Stateline Speedway. This past season saw Old Bradford Speedway pick up the class weekly on Sunday nights, and McKean County Raceway added several special events.  The class doubled in car count from its inaugural season and is right on track for continued growth as several new drivers are set to join competition in 2018 for year three.

So when the non-wing Sprint Car division under RUSH was announced in 2017, it a was natural choice to require the drivers to also utilize the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” shock package. For the past three years, the growth of the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” shock package has been tremendous, with three divisions now mandating the shock package due to its performance and safety mechanics.

Even racers not mandated to use the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” package have picked up the moniker “BILSTEIN Bandits”  to describe the five-to-eight times price difference between the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” package and other high-dollar shock packages on the market. For example, Late Model drivers Sam Pennacchio and Chuck Medved ran the $135 “BILSTEIN Bandits” for the first time in 2017 and both had their career best seasons.

“The ‘RUSH/BILSTEIN’ sealed spec shocks are one of the things that I’m most proud of in conjunction with RUSH,” explained RUSH Racing Series Director Vicki Emig.  “The package has allowed our Sportsman Modified, Pro Mod, and Sprint Car divisions to be on the same, consistent, and affordable shock package, while allowing racers in the Late Model, Pro Stock, and asphalt division a winning option at a very affordable price. We cannot thank BILSTEIN’s Jim Hiland enough for the time and expertise he has dedicated to this program and his willingness to not only work with our Series, but the racers in a one-on-one basis as well.  We’ve never heard a negative word about shocks in our Sportsman Modified and Pro Mod divisions and haven’t had one Sprint Car driver question the implementation of the Shocks in our newest division. This all speaks volumes to the effectiveness of the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” sealed spec shock program they have developed.”

To learn more about the “RUSH/BILSTEIN” shock package, contact RUSH Racing at 724-964-9300 or email info@rushracingseries.com.