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Rack ‘em or Stack ‘em!

Thermo-Tec introduces the new Thermo-Flow Modular Cooler system.
GREENWICH, OHIO – NOV. 20, 2019 – When it comes to hot engines, everyone has a different way to keep cool. That’s why the innovators at Thermo-Tec designed the new Thermo-Flow Modular Cooler system

The only completely modular cooling system on the market, Thermo-Flow Modular Coolers expand the cooling capacity of intercoolers, oil cooling systems, transmissions, power steering systems and fuel systems, making them suitable for an endless variety of performance and high-heat applications. 

“The Thermo-Flow Modular Coolers’ unique design of cooling fins within the inner and outer surfaces provides maximum cooling efficiency by pulling the heat out of any liquid that passes through them and dissipating it into the ambient air,” said James White of Thermo-Tec. “It’s a cooling system that’s only limited by your imagination.” 

Durable, serviceable, expandable and Made in the USA, the patent-pending system was developed so that it can be changed to meet specific requirements and operate in many variable situations. Airflow, the rate of flow of the liquid passing through, the viscosity of the liquid, ambient air temperature and the amount of water vapor in the air are all major factors in determining the performance. 

With a modular design, the cooling system can be mounted in a wide variety of locations on the vehicle. They can be put together in a side-by-side configuration, as a rack, or build them on top of each other in twos, stacking them.

Tests show that a two-tube Thermo-Flow assembly has more than 13.426-square-inches of heat dissipation per inch of length on the exterior—or more than 154.4-square-inches of surface area to dissipate heat on a 12-inch cooler—with a heat-soaking interior surface area of more than 110-square-inches to pull heat out of any liquid that passes through it. 

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